Friday, 28 August 2009

:: The Hadith Book of Knowledge (34 Kitab Al-`Ilm) ::

Assalamu Alaikum~

It's Friday! Yay! And I made a discovery... Maybe not so a discovery but more of enlightenment... =)

As usual, I was entering on data into the company's system and the continuous same action makes me sleepy, especially that it is in mid afternoon and my energy level was low... Hence, I decided to take a break by reading news... and I continued with my data entry... THEN...

I needed another break but there wasn't much news to read.. Therefore, I decided to read Hadith from I was browsing and deciding what to read... Eventually, I decided to read on the 'The Book of Knowledge (Kitab Al-`Ilm)' of Sahih Muslim.

And this Hadith 6451 & 6452 are taken exactly from the site...

Anas b. Malik reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: It is from the conditions of the Last Hour that knowledge would be taken away and ignorance would prevail (upon the world), the liquor would be drunk, and adultery would become rainpant.

Qatida reported that Anas b. Malik said: May I not narrate to you a hadith which I heard from Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) which no one would narrate to you after me who would have personally heard it from him (the Holy Prophet) (as I have the good fortune to do so)? -" It is from the signs of the Last Hour that knowledge would be taken away, ignorance would prevail upon (the world), adultery would become common, wine would be drunk, the number of men will fall short and the women would survive (and thus such a disparity would arise in the number of men and women) that there would be one man to look after fifty women.

Then it just hit on me! The news I just read!

English turn to booze on holiday

  1. English holidaymakers are turning to drink on their breaks with the average adult consuming eight alcoholic drinks a day, a survey suggests
  2. Government figures show 10 million adults in England regularly exceed the recommended daily limits, increasing their risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, liver disease and various cancers.
'John schools' try to change attitudes about paid sex

  1. All had tried to buy a prostitute's services and were caught by police. It was their first offense, and a county court referred them to a one-day program called the John School. It's a program run by volunteers and city officials in conjunction with Magdalene House, a nonprofit that works to get prostitutes off the streets.

  2. No comprehensive effort has been made to track the numbers, but experts estimate 1 million to 2 million prostitutes work in the United States. The FBI's 2007 Uniform Crime Report lists about 78,000 arrests for prostitution and commercialized vice, but experts say those numbers are extremely conservative because many sex workers and johns aren't caught.

  3. Experts add that easy accessibility to prostitutes and pornography on the Internet are feeding the problem.
Are we now at the stage of the Last hour as Knowledge is taken away from us? There is no prophet since Muhammad (PBUH) and we are left on our own, with so many distraction around us... What seems right and acceptable now IS NOT permitted by Allah (SWT)! Take for example drinking beer... This is a social act in the western countries and even here in Asia... People who are not aware of Allah(SWT) thinks that it is normal and sinless to drink~ Well, what did the Qur'an says?

Shaitan desires to stir up enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants and gambling, to prevent you from remembrance of Allah and from Salah. Will you not abstain?(Al-Maidah, 5:91)

There is no blame on those who believe and do good deeds for what they ate in the past, provided they abstain from those things which have been made unlawful, then remain steadfast in their belief and do righteous deeds, then abstain themselves from whatever they are forbidden and believe in Divine Law, then fear Allah and do good deeds. For Allah loves those who do good deeds.(Al-Maidah, 5:93)

Once again, I'm so thankful to Allah(SWT) for opening my heart and to give me the spark to light up my candle, so that I can use it to read and read and be enlighted and to follow the right path...

What happened this afternoon is spooky~ It's like Allah wants me to know that what Prophet Muhammad said in the Hadith are all true by showing me examples of what is happening around the world now...

I will try my best to follow the right way~ No no no... Trying best is not good enough... I will have to do it right!!!


Saturday, 22 August 2009

:: Ramadan 2009 ::

Assalamu Alaikum!! =)

It's Ramadan, time for Muslims around the world to fast! I am not a Muslim but as a beginner, and as someone who believes in The Almighty Allah, I would want to follow what he has for me as what he has decided is the best for me~

Hence, I read and found out that of all reasons why Ramadan is a very special month, the main reason which is deeply important to me is that it is the month which Allah(SWT) revealed the Qur'an as a guidance to mankind.

It was like how Islam is introduced to me. Without Allah's Grace in revealing the Qur'an, I guess I would not be properly guided like now because I've got a holy book to refer to now~

And during Ramadan, Fasting is compulsory.

Also, of all advantages of fasting, below are the 2 points which I've found and encourages me to fast.

Control desire
"If a person’s stomach is hungry, this will keep many of his other faculties from feeling hunger or desires; but if his stomach is satisfied, his tongue, eye, hand and private parts will start to feel hungry. Fasting leads to the defeat of Shaytaan; it controls desires and protects one’s faculties."

Knowing how the poor feels
"When the fasting person feels the pangs of hunger, he experiences how the poor feel, so he has compassion towards them and gives them something to ward off their hunger. Hearing about them is not the same as sharing their suffering, just as a rider does not understand the hardship of walking unless he gets down and walks."

(Above 2 points are taken from

Though there are many other advantages in fasting (Eg: entering Al-Rayyaan), but as a beginner, I should just do because of the purpose of fasting and not to think of it as I do it for the purpose of a reward after I pass on to the next stage with Allah (SWT).

Thank you Allah for your guidance in making me knowledgeable and being endless inquisitive to slowly discover what you have for me!