Sunday, 3 January 2010

:: Difficulties are essential to train people and develop their characters ::

How else could a person be tested and trained? How could anyone be trained and how could his character develop by way of comfort and enjoyment? What would he have to show fortitude over? Where would he show affection? Where would he protect and watch over others? How could he display generosity? Where could he use his reason and free will? What room would there be for courage? These things are all perfect virtues that make human beings human.

Difficulties are essential in order for any of them to exist. Otherwise we would be like a smooth wall. We would lack a great many attributes. That is why Allah regards human beings as so valuable. Human beings are more valuable and important than angels, because they are tested and these tests contribute in the improvement of their features. Angels, for instance, can only display those specific features in the manner desired by Allah. It is man who encounters hardship and difficulties because, by Allah’s leave, he constantly uses his mind. For example, he uses his free will, fortitude, courage, loyalty, and he is loyal, isn’t he? He is loving and has to think deeply. Courage, in particular, is a very difficult thing, overcoming fear is a difficult thing. Struggle is a difficult thing. One uses one’s free will against sloth, for instance. Put these all together and a perfect human being emerges, and it is these aspects of people we love. Otherwise a person will literally die. I mean, does a corpse signify anything for us? No. Human beings would be like dead bodies.

The reason we love people is because they have courage, and fortitude, and steadfastness, isn’t that so? And affection and generosity. A generous person is well loved, for instance. A forgiving person is well loved. To forgive, there must be something difficult. What could we exhibit fortitude in the face of if there were no hardships? Isn’t that right? We love someone because of his fortitude. One needs to have fortitude to maintain one’s bonds with what one loves. One needs courage to protect it, doesn’t one? People are able to put up with suffering, and they exhibit fortitude in the face of it. They are patient in the face of time.

Let us suppose that one loves someone, one will wait 1 year for them, or 2 years or 3 years, won’t one? Anything else would be disloyalty. Some people can’t wait 1 or 2 days, let alone years. But Allah loves patient people. And we love patient people. We love generous people. And we want Allah to be generous toward us. We say, “O Lord, give us things and opportunities.” Right, so if you want Allah to be generous, you have to be generous, too. People want Allah to forgive, so we have to forgive. We want Allah to be loyal, so we have to be loyal. Allah is loyal. Allah fears nothing, for example. And people should fear nothing, either, they must be brave for Allah, by submitting to Allah. If the prophets had been fearful, for example, they could have given no service at all. Because the people around them were always threatening them and trying to kill them, setting traps and slandering and defaming them.

When Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, for instance, they will imprison him and oppress him, and he will be defamed and insulted. How can he do his work if he has no courage, no fortitude and no determination? All people will be happy as a result of his work, and everyone will know peace and joy. Look, the courage, loyalty and patience of just one man mean salvation for all mankind, isn’t that right? Just one man. If he were not loyal, patient and brave, mankind would sink, may Allah forbid. Allah uses him as His instrument. The same with the Messiah (as). He was very patient. Only 12 people believed in the Messiah at that time. He never lost his determination. Only 12 virtuous people, despite the tens of miracles he worked. But when he comes back, Allah will make the whole world believe in him. This will be clear proof that all power lies with Allah, insha’Allah.


Dec 29, 2009

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Saturday, 2 January 2010

:: The disappearance of feelings of love, joy, peace and trust ::

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF FEELINGS OF LOVE, JOY, PEACE AND TRUST IN THE END TIMES(From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live interview on Gaziantep Olay TV and Mavi Karadeniz TV, September 8th, 2009)


We see no expression of love on almost anyone’s face. It is very, very rare; there is neither love nor trust, nor joy and happiness. What we have is a huge selfishness, a huge concern for self and instinct for survival, and the idea of let me survive, but others are not that important has begun to develop. In such a climate, of course no such thing as art, science or culture can develop in society. Notice how no great works of art are coming out, no great films are being made. No fine pictures are being painted, for instance, no new architectural works are appearing, no new plays are being written.

And even if they are, they are not given the value they deserve,

No, they are not. But compare that to the past. Fine works of art used to be produced, but no more. People’s brains and inspiration have become frozen. Because lovelessness, having no love of Allah, having no fear of Allah and a lack of spirituality kill the cells in the human body, kill the brain, and paralyze the brain. People’s most essential food is love, love of Allah. When they have that, their skin improves, their looks improve, their language improves, their creativity improves, an excitement develops; a painter produces the most marvelous paintings, for example. An architect designs marvelous buildings, and a builder can create stupendous buildings under that excitement. A businessman will do business really productively. But now, there is an infertility and infelicity all over the world. The world is waiting for the breath of Hazrat Mahdi (as), that beautiful breath of the Messiah. Allah has produced this state of blockage, and things are going on everywhere.

Dec 28, 2009

Assalam Alaikum~

This article caught my attention and it just make me wonder about how did Sahabah live with our Prophet Muhammad (SAW)... I think I would fit in there well... To do things, just simply out of love for others and others do the same for you, without any ill intentions... Just uncomplicated life~

I guess I have this ability in me that I want to make people's life better... Maybe that's why I should be a teacher forever~ I thought being in Education would be a place where there are no game playing... Still, people take advantage and have personal agendas when "helping"~

I know, just simply said... I was naive... hahaha~ But isn't living with simple thinking in the simple world beautiful? No game playing... No hard feelings... But somehow, I got corrupted and start changing myself to live in this messy world~ I thought that maybe I should be less nice to people and be more selfish... I always wonder why there were some spoilt girls with guys going crazy over them, though the guys were treated badly and these girls just mess up the guys, which are left miserably heartbroken, disappointed in love... Whereas girls like me, often too patience and kind, ended up heartbroken and mending others heartbreaks...

But miracles happened...

Allah (SWT) found me back and knocked sense into me.... Time away from everything makes me reflect and eventually, I don't think I can do it... It's just not me to be too selfish because my joy comes from the joy of others~ To see people happy, I'm happy with them too! It's a simple equation... You are happy = I am happy~ If it's all within my reach, I would do all to help~

If people were to take advantage of me, should I be crying or that person should? For I have the love I have and he/she is soOoo poor in love that he/she has to take it from me... hmMmm...

Narrated Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-As: This Verse: 'Verily We have sent you (O Muhammad) as a witness, as a bringer of glad tidings and as a warner.' [48.8] Which is in the Qur'an, appears in the Surah thus: 'Verily We have sent you (O Muhammad) as a witness, as a bringer of glad tidings and as a warner, and as a protector for the illiterates (i.e., the Arabs.) You are my slave and My Apostle, and I have named you Al-Mutawakkil (one who depends upon Allah). You are neither hard-hearted nor of fierce character, nor one who shouts in the markets. You do not return evil for evil, but excuse and forgive. Allah will not take you unto Him till He guides through you a crocked (curved) nation on the right path by causing them to say: "None has the right to be worshipped but Allah." With such a statement He will cause to open blind eyes, deaf ears and hardened hearts.'
[Book #60, Hadith #362]

I think I just need to observe more and I'll try to adapt in this dog-eat-dog world... I am scare but deep down, I know Allah (SWT) is there to protect me! Yay! =)

Khadijah C.

Friday, 1 January 2010

:: Durood to praise our Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) ::

Assalam Alaikum~

A revert, without someone to share knowledge with, moves at a very slow pace~
Masha'Allah! I've got someone to tell me stories which just simply gives me more "WOW" factor in Islam...
I've learnt something new! =D yoOoohoOoo!!!

Simply, phrases to praise our Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)!

I wish there are translation for me to know the meaning but the recitation is just enough to make me feel fonder of our Prophet!

I'm reading about his biography and it's amazing how he managed to go through all the trials Allah(SWT) has set for him~

Being a new convert is not easy but I am trying~ Lots of ideas and way of doing things got to change... But knowing Islam gives me countless good examples to follow!! Yay! =D Whenever things are tough, Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) gave me a reason to fight... I'm trying to learn from his attitude towards life.. Slowly, I will be able to gain more and more understanding of how he is and learn from him... Insha'Allah! May Allah give me wisdom and guidance to gain more and more the right way of living~

May Allah also continue to guide the person who shares with me the knowledge of Islam, so that I will have a lot lot lot more stories to hear!!! =)

Khadijah C.